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 a tracking engine, not a task list, action tracking

Action Tracking

Take control of the massive volume of records, meeting decisions and staff reports by managing everything on one user friendly dashboard.  Action Tracking automates every action of a local government so Clerks can get approvals and build meetings faster and with less stress then ever before.  With governance becoming increasingly complex, you need a powerful system that simplifies the meeting process – Action Tracking is the workhorse that will get you there. 


Action Tracking is a transparent, central system giving Clerks the ability to locate a report and its status in the approval framework instantly.

A user-friendly tab system makes it easy to locate the document you are looking for.

Avoid the mad-rush for a signature on agenda day.  Action Tracking features a digital approval and signature process.




iCompass' Citizen Engagement Tracker connects your website to Action Tracking ensuring public requests don't slip through the cracks.

Submissions are automatically organized and primed for action by staff.

Automated notifications will streamline response time and improve internal communication.



"Action Tracking has enabled us to forward information quickly to the appropriate departments and individuals resulting in significant time savings and the freeing up of scarce resources."

Sheryl Masters - Manager of Administration - City of Victoria, BC


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