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Meeting Manager Pro

Complete automation of legislative processes

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Our most popular package.  Meeting Manager Pro automates the entire meeting process - digitalizing and eliminating the manual tasks taken on by the Clerks Department and the highest paid employees of a local government.  It presents the biggest opportunity for improved efficiency and cost savings. Why so popular?  With Meeting Manager Pro you connect to citizens in a way that just hasn't been possible before with the CivicWeb Portal.  Internally, you have access to digital workflow and approval tools to quickly prepare items for a meeting. Automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ensures that every document uploaded will be searchable by citizens and staff.   Quite simply, it's our most robust local government meeting management offering - one the most powerful on the marketplace.  



What you get with Meeting Manager Pro:

  • A reduction in meeting prep time and follow-up by up to 80%
  • Automated Minutes creation
  • Access to Records Center - manages the core records needs of local governments
  • A system that not only improves efficiency for the Clerk, but across other departments as well
  • Advanced workflow and approval systems to digitalize the pre and post meeting processes
  • Access to the top transparency tool on the market - the CivicWeb Portal
  • ***NEW - Audio and Video Streaming and Archiving


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Featured Customer:

bradford west gwillembury

Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario

  • More accessible information and insight into citizen engagement activities
  • Department heads are able to easily track action items and reports
  • Complete organizational buy-in resulting in improved efficiency across all departments




"It's about more than just getting rid of the paper. iCompass lets you do more, more than you even imagined you could."

Rebecca Murphy - Director Legal Services/Clerk - Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury


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