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Agenda SE

When it comes to meetings Agenda SE is the answer to that question local governments have been asking for years - isn't there an easier way?  We guarantee you can’t find a faster method to build an agenda; what takes hours now, can be completed with a few clicks in seconds.  Agenda SE provides a seamless way for MS Word based agendas to be transferred into a paperless, meeting-ready copy for elected officials and the public. 

download the agendanotes ipad app demo


Agenda SE gives clerks and board secretaries the ability to do more while dealing with tight budgets and less time. 

Basic knowledge of MS Word is all you need to have Agenda SE mastered in minutes.  An agenda is published to the AgendaNotes application for review and annotation by elected officials.  You can post an agenda onto your website in a single click.

It transforms the way you work, without shaking the foundation you’ve spent years developing.


Agenda SE allows elected officials to focus on what's most important: the major decisions in their community. 

Stakeholders won't have to fight through mountains of paper to find those important notes that shape critical debate.

Annotate an agenda using sticky notes, highlighters and free hand mark-up.

Agenda SE - AgendaNotes iPad - Annotating agenda on the iPad


Agenda SE will save you time and money it's that simple. 

Take every agenda that you print over the course of a year, and stack them one on top of another.  Now take that money spent on paper, ink and overtime and put it all back into your organization.

Think of the time spent printing and organizing those pages, ensuring everything is formatted correctly.  With Agenda SE those valuable hours are put back into your day.  

Stacks of paper and hours of your time equals big money



“The town has now moved our Council to a totally paperless agenda and we find the electronic agenda easy to navigate and use, even for the least computer savvy Councillors."

Angie Cathrae - Clerk - Town of South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario


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