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 agendanotes:paperless agendas for the ipad


AgendaNotes is a paperless agenda solution for the iPad or PC that allows elected officials to spend more time focusing on decision-making and less on dealing with massive 200+ page documents.  Annotate right on the tablet, and access archived agendas and minutes with a couple of clicks.   AgendaNotes is the most reliable mobile agenda application in the marketplace and has bank-level security features. 

AgendaNotes iPad - Available on the Apple App Store

Make notes, mark-up and highlight your agenda right in the application.  A user-friendly 2 column view separates the agenda and the attachments

Organize your agenda in a variety of ways - by notes or by searching for key terms in the document. 

With the entire agenda at the fingertips of an elected official they are empowered to become more engaged in debate improving the decision-making process. 





Remove stress on agenda day, by becoming more efficient while dealing with last minute changes.

Making those changes and republishing your agenda for elected officials and the public takes minutes.   Just click refresh and your work is done!

Notes made by elected officials and other staff carry over to the updated agenda eliminating last minute panic and stress.



"We have almost entirely reduced the number of hard copies that we produce of each agenda packet."

Laura Neuman — Clerk — Village of Blissfield, MI


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