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Always Settle for Less - Maximum 20 Hours Implementation

After spending money that could have otherwise been spent on other competing priorities, the goal now is to get more for less.  Implementation is one area where you can and should always settle for less.  Not less experience, not less expectation, but less time spent on training...

5 Disabilities that Affect Your Website's Accessibility


Is your website accessible? These days many municipalities are looking at the accessibility of their organizational website. An accessible website is one that can be accessed by people of all abilities and disabilities. Maximizing your website's usability starts with understanding your audience and their specific needs. Below I've listed the five types of disabilities to watch out for when designing or updating your website. 

1) Visual disability.
Readable text needs to contrast against its background, so try not to use lime green text on a white background or navy blue on a black background. Blind people who use the internet rely on screen readers, so make sure images have "alt text" (the text a screen reader reads).

2) Auditory disability.
If there is a video with audio on the site, subtitles should be included for the hearing impaired. Some people may be especially sensitive to sound, so any element of the website that plays looping music needs to have a volume or mute control.

iCompass Customer Collaboration Series Webinar

Webinar: Minutes - Harnessing the Power


This webinar will be presented by Stephen Orteza, Implementation & Training Consultant in collaboration with our Showcase Customer to be determined.
Live webinar will be on Friday, August 27 at 10:00-11:00am PST.
Visit the Customer Resource Centre for more information or Call Stephen 1-800-260-7409 (135).
 - Stephen Orteza, Implementation & Training Consultant