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5 Tips to Balance Work, Play and Career Development at Your Next Conference

Clerk Conferences are one of the highlights of the year.  Whether it’s a regional conference or the IIMC, there are so many opportunities to learn and catch-up with old friends.   But the challenge during these events is staying focused. With so much to do it’s easy to lose sight of why you’re attending in the first place.  

After I returned from the Washington Municipal Clerks Conference in Pasco I decided to put together a post to share 5 tips to help you get more out of your next conference.


3 ‘Outside the Box’ Ideas to Become More Efficient at Handling Public Requests


It happens all the time – a member of your community phones City Hall looking for something, or wanting to voice a concern in front of Council, but they aren’t sure who to talk to, or where to start. 

Pointing people in the right direction is an integral part of being a Clerk, but it sure would save a lot of time if the public had a better idea of how the local government decision-making process works!

In this post you'll find 3 ideas to help make the job of your Clerk easier!

What does it mean to go Paperless?


Paperless.  It’s a buzzword you hear more frequently from local governments but what does it actually mean for your organization?  I’m going to outline some of what to expect when making the transition.  

The bottom line is this ­– in a world that’s becoming more digital, mobile and environmentally conscious, it’s not a nice to have, IT’S A NEED TO HAVE.  The good news is the processes and solutions have been trialed now for years.  You’ll find that after making the move it’s going to be huge money saver and aid open government initiatives. 

Whitby Implements CivicWeb Portal in Only 4 Days


whitby council

iCompass is proud to announce the 2013 winners of the iCompass Foundation Award - Debi Wilcox and Susan Cassel of the Town of Whitby, Ontario.  Each year we recognize an organization that displays excellence in deploying and utilizing our software.  

We presented this award to Susan and Debi at a Council meeting in Whitby and received lots of positive feedback from Council, Staff and Public who attended.  

Lead by Susan and Debi, the organization implemented CivicWeb Portal, our open government council portal in just 4 days.  Learn how in this post

More Announcements Regarding our 2013 Main User Conference

As we near the big weekend for our Main User Conference in Kamloops, BC we've been busy putting together the final details.  With customers from Newfoundland to Washington State planning to attend it will undoubtedly be an extremely valuable experience from everyone taking part.  I'm excited today to release a few more details as the September 20th deadline for registration is quickly approaching!