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Feeling the Pressure: Local Governments React to New Transparency Mandates

Before the Internet of Things, smartphones, computers, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all the apps and services that we take for granted today, government transparency looked very different. But with technological advancements, citizens expects new levels of online access to government information, and to be able to find that information whenever it suits their needs.

While local government transparency has always been important, there have been recent surges of pressure from state-level governments. This means local government organizations of all sizes and budgets are being forced to react and rapidly improve systems and processes to enhance the public’s access to information.

Could Your Records Management Process Be Putting Your Municipality and Staff at Risk?

Our 3rd Annual Municipal Clerks Survey found an alarming number of local governments are overlooking records management. With federal and state agencies drafting new open meeting and records legislation, local governments are putting themselves at risk of everything from the loss of public trust to a lawsuit by not proactively managing documents.

Revealed: The True Cost of Paper-Based Agenda and Records Systems

A manual approach to agenda management could be costing your local government more than you realize.  iCompass’ 3rd Annual Municipal Clerks Survey found Clerks dedicate 51% of their work-hours to legislative duties, such as meeting minutes, agenda management, records management and legislative tracking. But the big takeaway is how this 20 hours per a week is being spent. Despite all the time and effort spent, local governments, particularly Clerks and City Managers, still face a serious risk of lawsuit, the loss of public trust and media scrutiny.

The 3 Most Challenging Barriers to Paperless Agendas And How to Overcome Them

When it comes to implementing a paperless agenda management system at your organization, it’s often much easier than you’d expect. However, there are still a number of things to consider – whether that be questions over budget, time or reluctance over using new technology.


Anne Uecker has used AgendaFree, the first free agenda management tool for local governments, since August 2015 with great success.  In this blog, you’ll learn a bit about her experience with the tool.  But before she arrived at this solution there were a few barriers she had to overcome along the way. Here are three of the most challenging questions she faced, and the strategies she used to get around them.