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Reaching Out: A Company Wide Initiative To Get Local Government Feedback

The foundation of iCompass' success, providing industry leading solutions for the public sector over the last 15 years, has been the result of close collaboration with our customers.  The feedback we have received has proven invaluable in developing and improving our services to better meet the needs of local governments across North America.

With this in mind, I'm excited to announce that iCompass is launching a company-wide initiative to speak to as many local governments as possible before the end of September.  We want to learn how Clerks and other staff members have been impacted by the changing landscape of local governments.  A large number of these conversations will be with current iCompass customers but we are also reaching out to others;  we are keenly interested in understanding how we can better support current and future customers going forward.

The feedback will help guide future product developments as we continue the iCompass tradition of building solutions based on the changing needs of local governments.  Upon completion of this exercise we will be sharing this valuable information with customers and other local government officials who have participated.  We look forward to the conversations!

My interview for the Radio NL CEO Series

It was my pleasure to stop by Radio NL in Kamloops to do an interview for their CEO Series.  The CEO’s of successful Kamloops area companies are being featured in stories that will air in the next few weeks.  Longtime reporter Angelo Iacobucci had me go back 14+ years to when iCompass first started.  He also asked questions to learn more about our future goals and the state of Kamloops’ growing high tech industry.  Look to our blog for the interview and the story itself after it airs on Radio NL sometime around Christmas!

To Sell Or Not To Sell

In my 14 years at iCompass, the following question has been asked of me many, many times: ‘When is it acceptable to sell your CivicWeb Portal services to council members?’  The short answer is ‘never’.

Now of course I’m being somewhat facetious, however, in our line of work it really isn’t cool to sell to council members, whether directly or indirectly.  Whether our Meeting Management Solution in its entirety or our virtual library, FilePro, it’s just not cool.

Customer Driven Support Services - Hitting the Mark!

We all know what it’s like to receive a poor level of customer service – a snarky rep on the call, ‘it’s not a problem on our side’ or a trip through on hold with a touchtone phone maze ending up with a disconnect – only to repeat.  And we often are made to feel stupid, and that the person on the other end of the phone really doesn’t care.
In my role as VP Customer Success and Operations, I have had the pleasure over the past three weeks of meeting and interacting with over 100 of our customers face-to-face through our annual Customer User Conferences – held in our home office in Kamloops, and in five other locations across North America close to our customers further away.  It always is a great opportunity for interaction and feedback!

AgendaNotes iPad Launch

iCompass AgendaNotes iPad app

Well, it’s official!  We launched our latest innovation today - AgendaNotes iPad.  As our first mobile application, AgendaNotes iPad makes it easy for elected officials to access, view, annotate and print their meeting agendas with nothing more than an iPad.  It’s seamlessly integrated with the rest of our iCompass CivicWeb/AcademicWeb Meeting Management Solution, thus allowing for the replacement of bulky binders overflowing with agendas that consist of hundreds of pages and loose sticky notes.