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New Job, New Municipality - Managing Change as a Clerk

With every new job comes an apprehension of what challenges lie ahead. We all have some reservations or fears of the unknown, especially when taking on the large responsibilities that come with being a Municipal Clerk. Whether it’s your first job or your 5th as a Municipal Clerk, the road to success is long and difficult at times, and change is a necessary part of the journey.   With that in mind, here’s my take on 3 challenges to prepare for if you are starting at a new organization.  For those just starting your career as a Clerk I think this advice really applies as well.

All Mail Ballot Elections, How They've Improved Voter Turnout

As Clerks, elections are one of the many responsibilities entrusted to us.  To ensure that each person wishing to be a candidate has the opportunity available to them and, maybe a little more importantly, ensuring that every voter has the opportunity to vote and that their vote is counted. 

In California, over the past several years, requests for permanent vote by mail status have been increasing as people continue to look for ways to simplify their lives.  Since 2000 the requests have gone from 21 ½ percent to over 51 percent statewide and in some individual areas is over 60 percent. 

The Best Advice From the First 5 Weeks of the ClerkOn Blog

New to the Keep Calm and Clerk On Blog?  Maybe you’re one of the first subscribers and haven’t (Gasp!) read every single word of every post from the last 5 weeks!  Either way it’s OK!  As our next round of Clerk bloggers busily work on posts (while managing elections, keeping council happy and putting together the most amazing looking agendas their organization has ever seen.. just to mention a few), I want to share with you the best 5 pieces of advice from the last 5 weeks.   


5 Things I Learned in my First Year as a Clerk

In June 2012, I was appointed Acting Clerk/Administrator of my municipality.  This should have been an exciting time in my life but to be honest I was completely frightened by the idea. I kept telling myself I wasn’t ready for this, I couldn’t possibly take on so much responsibility at such an early stage in my municipal career.  But I was wrong.

That appointment was a life changer for me. Once I got over the initial panic I immersed myself in learning my new role. What a shock! There was so much to learn and I didn’t know where to begin. Wasn’t there an operations manual to municipal government laying around somewhere? Anything that can give me some direction in where to start? If this sounds familiar, don’t panic. I survived and so will you…here’s how!

Budget: The Number One Hot Button Issue Facing Clerks Today

In our recent 2014 North American Municipal Clerks Survey we asked: what is the number 1 hot button issue you as a Clerk are currently facing?  It was sent to over 15,000 Clerks with the goal of establishing a comprehensive North American picture of the Clerks community.  The answers provided for this multiple choice question ranged across the entire spectrum of Clerk duties (and that’s a pretty broad range!) from Records Management Processes to relationships with Council and transparency to name a few.  Clerks were asked to rank their top 3 because when you wear so many hats, we figured there would be more than one issue that is top of mind.   

The answer we got back from Clerks was clear - the number one hot button issue is a lack of budget in their department.