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iCompass Technologies

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Easy to Use and Recommended by Local Government Professionals 

iCompass is a leading innovator when it comes to providing web-based agenda management and records management software for local governments.  iCompass is passionate about providing every local government, no matter the budget or staffing challenge, the technology to become more efficient, transparent and open.  Our solutions are designed to reduce the time spent on agenda and records management tasks by up to 80% through an integrated approach that takes into account the entire legislative process.  Serving local governments since 1999, iCompass facilitates an unprecedented level of communication with users to guide product and community improvements.

What makes iCompass unique?  

6 Month Money Back Guarantee

The iCompass 'Easy as That' implementation model provides a quick and stress free on-boarding experience.  We are driven to provide the best customer experience possible.  If at any point you become dissatisfied in the first 6 months you can walk away with a full refund.   

Industry Leading Response Time

iCompass guarantees quick responses to customer requests.  Have a look at this video to see just how much users love our Customer Success Team. 

Integrated Agenda and Records Management 

With our software local governments are able to manage agendas and records with one unified workflow.  There's no need for multiple processes that can sometimes result in information falling through the cracks.




"iCompass' software has made our deadlines easier to attain.  Our agendas are seamlessly posted to our website where they are easily accessed by the public and staff."

Beverley D. Wood - Clerk/Manager of Council Services - Norfolk County, Ontario


"The iCompass staff is professional, innovative and very responsive to customer input."

Patty Safrin - City Clerk - City of Kenmore, Washington


"We've been able to accomplish our goal of paperless meetings in a very smooth, easy manner.  iCompass Customer Support is exceptional.  They are very knowledgeable and handled every question very quickly."

Roben Haggart - Clerk - Town of Minocqua, Wisconsin