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A powerful storage system that becomes the home for all of your key meeting related documents.  FilePro significantly decreases the time it takes to find ordinances, resolutions, bylaws, agenda packets, minutes and other reports.  Complete with a powerful search engine that is designed specifically for local governments it will take staff and seconds to find the information they are looking for.  FilePro is linked to your website so the public has easy to find data at their fingertips. 

Swamped with public requests because your citizens don’t have the real-time access to information they need?

FilePro can be linked to your website so the public has 24/7 access to important reports and documents.

Configurable privacy settings ensure government transparency doesn't compromise security.


FilePro will also give you access to over 200 other local government bylaws, ordinances and other reports.

It's a huge plus for organizations looking to develop new policies as they can look to see what other organizations are doing. 

Central document storage for your entire staff.




"We have effectively streamlined our agenda and minutes preparation, which has consequently reduced our paper consumption and improved our environmental footprint greatly."

Sara Ridout - City Clerk - City of Aiken, SC


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