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InTouch Mobile

The InTouch Mobile citizen engagement smartphone app connects your community to City Hall 24/7/365.  The technology is simple to use and free for the public.  Requests are automatically organized by category ensuring that staff can respond quickly to public requests.  Ensure that potholes, littering, fallen trees and issues related to disaster cleanup are quickly responded to while showing the community your organization is serious about public involvement.

InTouch Mobile promotes citizen engagement by providing a dynamic way to forward concerns, like potholes and disaster cleanup issues to key stakeholders at City Hall.

Constituents are more informed - public complaints are viewable on a map allowing others to track the response on their smartphone.

InTouch Mobile helps public sector organizations put their best foot forward everyday. 

InTouch Mobile - citizen reporting using smartphones


InTouch Mobile helps eliminate massive stacks of complaint forms and never-ending voicemails.  Concerns are easily organized on a central, easy to use dashboard.

Ensure complaints are responded to quickly while communicating with the public through automated emails.

  • A 'follow me' feature prevents duplicate requests.
  • Users can take pictures, giving your staff a better idea of the problem before heading out.


InTouch Mobile is the tool municipal governments need to manage a 24/7 world in an 8 hour workday.

It's completely configurable: 

  • Implement a massive list of trackers or have one general complaints form
  • Include freedom of information or council speaker requests
  • The app built to match corporate branding and logos




"InTouch Mobile allows the public to report anything from potholes, to illegal dumping, to hazardous tree limbs in a park along with a full picture and description.  The end result is a healthier community and a more efficient government."

Russ Harrington — Recreation Director — City of Quincy, Washington


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