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Our Cloud Model – Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our soultions are delivered over the Internet and our customers only require a web browser to access and use them.  Overall, the SaaS model is a much lower-cost delivery of software services - you no longer have to over spend or build in-house!

Our Hosted Model

The many benefits of this model include:

  • Affordable and predictable fees include installation, training, support, storage, unlimited users, and new releases. Overall, our fees are significantly lower than those of traditional vendors
  • Minimized reliance on IT or external contractors as no software is installed on the customer end and we support our customers use of the tools
  • Tools are easy to use, not over-built, and provide remote access
  • Continuous upgrades reflect continuous enhancement suggestions from our customers
  • Tailored implementation and training ensures organizational adoption
  • Disaster recovery requirements and succession planning challenges are addressed