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 flexible, accountable, secure; records management solution

Records Management Solution

Our Records Management Solution takes the complicated yet critical task of record keeping and provides a simple, central answer.   It is designed specifically for local governments that want to streamline the classification, tracking and destruction of both paper and electronic records.   Our municipal partners rave about how much time is saved when responding to public information requests when using this paperless system. 

Reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to a public request for information by days.

A superior organizational system simplifies decades of documents and data into an easily managed electronic database. 

With documents stored electronically finding a file is as easy as searching for something on Google. 




iCompass' Records Management Solution allows users to track both paper and digital records from a single easy-to-use dashboard. 

The Cloud-based system allows you to access files from home or from the office.

Records Management is completely configurable so users can get it working for them right away. 





Electronic records ensure the most critical documents are stored in a bank-level electronic security system and not in a file cabinet in the office.

It is transparent records management internally and publicly.  However, users still have the ability to limit the visibility of sensitive documents. 



"This solution delivers on the core records management requirements we have at the District and makes it easy to manage both paper and electronic documents."

Mary A. Geall - Deputy Manager of Corporate Services - Sicamous, BC


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