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ROI Calculator

Using our Meeting Management Solution Clerks save and distributee agenda packets up to 75% faster.  Our customers typically realize a first year Return on Investment (ROI) in approximately 9 months PLUS on-going savings each and every year thereafter.  This ROI calculator will help step you through the different areas where you'll save money using our software.  Book a meeting to learn more about your meeting management needs or send us an email at

Type Annual  
Cost and Efficiency Savings (per year) Quantity Cost
Paper Cost Reductions
Printing Cost Savings
Agenda Preparation Time Savings
Post Meeting Time Savings
Time Saved Distributing Agenda Packages
Time Saved on Public Inquiries
Total Annual Savings $
5 Year Estimated Savings $
5 Year Estimate of Trees Saved - average 16.7 reams (500 sheets)/tree