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The Cost-Effective Method to Ensuring Short-Term Rental Compliance

In this 3rd webinar in our short-term rental series, 3 industry experts share their respective learnings, experiences and best practices for effectively enforcing short-term rental ordinances/bylaws.  You'll learn how to improve compliance and more efficiently locate short-term rentals.

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The Leadership Challenge: A City Manager's Guide to Building Sustainable Success

Retired City Manager, 37-year public sector employee, and author, Randy Diehl shares what he believes to be the essential leadership and management skills required to get council, staff and senior management working towards the same goals.

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The Definitive Guide to Crafting Short-Term Rental Ordinances

Industry experts Jeffrey Goldman and Ulrik Binzer discuss their research and share a step-by-step guide local governments can use to develop simple and enforceable policies for Airbnb-style rentals.  They also provide examples from municipalities with an ordinance/bylaw currently in place to provide a clearer picture of what's working and what isn't. 

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How to Effectively Regulate Airbnb-Style Short-Term Rentals

We were joined by 2 experts in the area of short-term rental regulations for municipalities to discuss how this growing industry is impacting quality of life, housing affordability, and community safety in communities across North America.  In this session, you'll also learn about how to obtain the data needed to effectively track and regulate Airbnb-style rentals in your jurisdiction. 

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Negotiate for Change: 5 Tips to Innovate as a Clerk

Innovating and driving change in the clerk's office means that you need to have buy-in from council and staff at your organization.  Our host Leana Johnson, Clerk/Treasurer in White Salmon, Washington, has recently completed a number of successful technology-based projects and shares her 5 tips for making change happen as a clerk.

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Develop a Technology-Driven Approach to Transparency and Citizen Engagement

Rutherfordton, North Carolina Town Manager Doug Barrick shares how he's successfully transformed the Town into an open government leader by making smart investments in cloud-based technology.  Doug walks attendees step-by-step through his strategy, the execution of his plan and how he's delivered great results without increasing staffing levels. 

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Strategies to Better Demonstrate Your Value as a Clerk

The role of the Clerk is often misunderstood by colleagues in other municipal departments and the greater community as a whole. But with such a multi-faceted job, it can be a difficult for Clerks to properly convey just how important they are.   To help overcome this challenge two Master Municipal Clerks (Joann Tilton - Manteca, CA and Sherry Mashburn - College Station, TX) share strategies on how Clerks can better establish themselves as leaders within their organization and more clearly demonstrate their value.Tilton - Manteca, CA and Sherry Mashburn - College Station, TX) share strategies on how Clerks can better establish themselves as leaders within their organization and more clearly demonstrate their value.

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Paperless Agendas: Eliminate the Barriers to a More Efficient Legislative Process

St. Francis, Wisconsin City Clerk/Treasurer and IIMC Region VI Director Anne Uecker will share how the City has overcome some of the most challenging barriers the local governments face when going paperless.  In particular, Anne talks about how AgendaFree, the first free agenda management tool for local governments has played a huge role in this transition.  

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Bringing Information to the People: Transparency Tips for Small/Mid Sized Local Governments

County of Lennox and Addington Deputy Clerk Tracey Mckenzie shares her organization's overall approach and commitment to transparency, and how with a small staff they are able to provide citizens with complete access to agendas, minutes and records.

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Create a More Efficient, Transparent Government: Strategies from Local Government Leaders

Huron Charter Township, Michigan, Deputy Clerk Joe Bridgman and Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario, Director of Corporate Services Rebecca Murphy provide an inside look at the programs they've put in place to manage agendas, records and transparency more effectively.

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