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run lean

Run a lean government: Don’t let budget constraints force you to cut critical services

Many local governments today face a difficult dilemma: how to stretch a reduced budget to meet the growing demand for more and better services, comply with new regulatory requirements, and cover escalating pension and infrastructure costs. A range of new technology solutions may hold the key.

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transparent government

Transparency through technology: Scalable, cost-effective and achievable now

If local governments are not investing in technology that makes data more available to the public, they are not investing in transparency. It’s really that simple. In today’s highly connected world, transparency has become synonymous with digital access to information. The right digital tools can make transparency achievable, scalable and cost-effective or any sized organization while making local government data accessible.

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retain knowledge

Retaining Organizational Knowledge: An Urgent Issue For Local Government Leaders

When municipal clerks change jobs or retire, local governments can lose much of the valuable organizational knowledge they need to provide essential services, preserve local history, and comply with legislative mandates. Indeed, the biggest threat to local governments’ management and curation of information may be the staff members who built those processes in the first place.

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