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Easy to Use and Recommended by Local Government Professionals 

For nearly 16 years iCompass has designed Meeting, Records and Citizen Engagement software for local governments.  Our solutions are designed to reduce agenda prep time by up to 80% by eliminating manual tasks in the meeting cycle.  Meeting and records management goes hand in hand, that's why we offer an integrated solution that drastically improves efficiency while enhancing the access to information.  As a web-based platform all updates to our software are included once you sign on.  There's no on-site setup required!

What makes iCompass unique?  

Solutions to fit the needs and budget of any local government

For many smaller local governments with tight budgets the move to an overbuilt paperless agenda management solution just doesn't make sense.  That's why iCompass offers a variety of packaging options designed for small and mid sized local governments. 

10 minute response time

A guaranteed 10 minute response time to customer requests.  Have a look at this video to see just how much Clerks love our Customer Success Team. 

Customer Collaboration

We work with Municipal Clerks and City Managers on the iCompass Customer Advisory Board to ensure our products meet the changing needs of local governments.  We also do an annual survey and publish blogs written by local government professionals to help connect Municipal Clerks to best practice tips from industry leaders.     



"iCompass' software has made our deadlines easier to attain.  Our agendas are seamlessly posted to our website where they are easily accessed by the public and staff."

Beverley D. Wood - Clerk/Manager of Council Services - Norfolk County, Ontario

"The iCompass staff is professional, innovative and very responsive to customer input."

Lynn Suskin - City Clerk - City of Kenmore, Washington

"We've been able to accomplish our goal of paperless meetings in a very smooth, easy manner.  iCompass Customer Support is exceptional.  They are very knowledgeable and handled every question very quickly."

Roben Haggart - Clerk - Town of Minocqua, Wisconsin