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3 Transparency Tips from the County of Lennox and Addington

In our recent webinar Bringing Information to the People: Transparency Tips for Small/Mid Sized Local Governments, we had a great conversation with Tracey McKenzie from the County of Lennox & Addington, Ontario about  how her organization manages to achieve such a high standard of transparency while dealing with limited staff and resources.


While a common barrier to organizational change can be finding the budget, staff time and buy-in from other departments or council members, our discussion revealed some compelling reasons why organizations should make improved transparency a priority NOW.

ClerkOn 2015 Municipal Clerks Survey Now Released

It's an exciting day as ClerkOn and iCompass releases its 3rd Annual ClerkOn North American Municipal Clerks Survey.  It's been designed to identify key trends and priorities for Clerks across North America.  With respondents expected from coast to coast, it will provide a regional, national and international look into the Clerk's community and discussion across North America. In an ongoing partnership with the IIMC and the Municipal Clerks Education Fund we are donating $1 for every response to help support the training and continuing education of Clerks across North America.


4 Important Updates in 2015 to the Sunshine Review's 10 Point Transparency Checklist

In 2008, the non-profit organization Sunshine Review created a 10 Point Transparency Checklist to help take the aforementioned buzzword 'transparency' and turn it into a tangible and achievable goal with benchmarks to help guide progress.  It's been hugely impactful, local governments coast-to-coast have used this checklist has a guide to improve the public's access to online information via their website.  But in 2015, is this checklist in need of some updating? 

How Small Local Governments are Closing the Good Government Divide

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Local governments face a stiff challenge; to effectively engage with the growing population of digital natives, joining the online conversation isn’t enough, as the most important entity in the community local governments need to lead the conversation.  This challenge is not insurmountable, as exemplified by organizations like Paducah, Kentucky and Mclendon-Chisholm, Texas.  

Retaining Organizational Knowledge: An Urgent Issue for Local Government Leaders

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When municipal clerks change jobs or retire, local governments can lose much of the valuable organizational knowledge they need to provide essential services, preserve local history, and comply with legislative mandates. Indeed, the biggest threat to local governments’ management and curation of information may be the staff members who built those processes in the first place.

Many local governments still use manual processes to manage meeting agendas and public records, and frequently file paper documents in manila folders and cardboard boxes. Because municipal clerks created many of those processes and filing systems, they may be the only ones who understand how they work and know where to find the information.