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A government’s ability to deliver information to the public is vital to any strong community.  But with so much going on inside City Hall, it’s difficult to provide timely updates without hiring extra staff and increasing costs.   iCompass has developed a solution for this problem – The CivicWeb Portal.  Linked to your current website, the CivicWeb Portal delivers information to the public automatically as staff works throughout the day.  Different from a website - with the CivicWeb Portal you don't have to post content, once the work is done, the automated open government portal automatically refreshes with the latest information.


preview of new civicweb webLinked to your homepage, the CivicWeb Portal instantly connects the public to everything going on inside City Hall.

Meeting schedules, agendas, minutes, voting and attendance records and a refreshed search engine are all included.  It's all laid out in a sleek format that is easy to navigate.

Everyone has something to gain: Staff, Council and the public. 


e-updates with civicwebThe CivicWeb Portal updates information as staff works throughout the day.  

Once an agenda or other document is complete, it's automatically posted to your CivicWeb Portal site without any extra effort needed to upload or format the information.  

Information on demand:  The E-Updates feature gives the public the ability to subscribe to meetings, events notifications and other reports/documents so it's sent directly to their email.



south morrisey example of civicwebThe CivicWeb Portal is an addition to our Meeting Management Solution and together they improve efficiency through the entire meeting cycle, from reports tracking to citizen engagement.

The CivicWeb Portal is simple yet attractive.  Your online presence will be improved and staff will deal with fewer requests because all the information your community needs is easy to find. 

It transforms the way people get information about their community making open government a reality without costing the taxpayer.  


“With The CivicWeb Portal, I now feel like staff has the tool missing in the past to interact with the public.  We have been using newspapers and other means of communication, but now we can meet our open governance goals."

Keith McNenley - CAO - Town of Mono, Ontario


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